7/10/2015 – Recovery from exercise (muscle soreness) & Injuries.

These are 2 different things so don’t treat them the same.

  1. Recovery – this is a good site – read and take note – main points. Warm up & WARM DOWN.


I can’t make players warm down and its easy just to wander off the pitch and start the post match analysis (!!*?)

This is the time to do your stretches – 5 minutes can make all the difference. We should aim to finish at 10 to 7 so players can warm down – that 10 minutes is the most important 10 minutes of the game.


2. Injuries – No:1 – I’m no expert but have had lots – most over 50 males like to self administer (…and the injuries 😉 ) Seek medical advice if more than ‘just a knock’. If you do self administer – this is a good website with lots of good advice and products.


The older you are, the more prone you are to injury and the longer you take to heal. It’s a cliche – but time is the greatest healer – we all want to play – but don’t be tempted until the muscle has regained FULL STRENGTH or you’re asking for trouble. You’ll play more football in the long run.


WARM UP – WARM DOWN – good nutrition – plenty of sleep – drink water – don’t play if injured or it WILL get worse.

All the best,

Trevor Phillips


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