Canterbury WF player profiles

Trevor Phillips

Age 61 - Married to Sheila :)

Occupation: Maths Teacher

Other Jobs: Royal Navy (Fleet Air Arm), croupier, factory worker, taxi driver, private investigator, chauffeur, bodyguard, barman, farm worker, insurance salesman, market stall holder, youth worker, scientist (environmental research), garage worker, search & rescue.

Favourite team: Wolves

Favourite player of all time: Roy Keane

Hobbies: walking football, martial arts, spiders, gardening, philosophy, classic rock music, theatre, biker – Honda VFR 800, walking the dogs, pipe smoking.

Ambition: To travel in time.


James Lennox

Age: 60+

Occupation: self-employed

Other jobs: on the buses, owner/operator of nightclubs, pub and restaurant, chamber of business, copyright protection for film industry, film education.

Favourite teams: Manchester United and Glasgow Celtic

Favourite player: Nobby Stiles – epitome of an elegant defender

Hobbies; music, concerts, walking football, meeting up with old friends, travelling and walking without a football, oh and world peace.


Steve Mundin

Age - 53 Married to Julie

Occupation - Sales & Marketing Agent

Favourite Team - Ajax Amsterdam

All time Favourite Player - Frank de Boer/ Jari Litmanen

Hobbies - Travel, Concerts, Beer, surfing, skiing, playing the inflatable guitar.

Ambition - To have a more realistic wig than Lee Akroyd.


Trevor Pearce

Age 66
2 Children
4 Grandchildren
Ex Professional Footballer
Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom Retailer
Retired to Spain in 2004 returned in 2009
Spent last 4 years in furniture sales before retiring this year
Enjoy gardening,walking, red wine and painting.


Above is Trev just about to hack down Jimmy...

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Roger Betts

Age: 68 - Married to Caroline and my dog Banjo

Occupation: Walking Footballer, ageing rocker (website)

Other Jobs: RAF engine fitter in the glider squadron, musician by day, deadly ninja by night.

Favourite team: Spurs

Favourite player of all time: Teddy Sheringham

Hobbies: Martial arts, fishing, fossil collecting, dreaming, fishing, getting married (4 times so far) and fishing.

Ambition: To fathom out why my belly button fluff is always purple..

Photo below: Roger training for a Friday night session

Confusious say 'Man who make love on grass have piece on earth'

John Ballantyne

Age - 68. Married - to Marion.
Family - Molly (our dog) Westie/Cavalier cross.

Education - Only just. School captain.

Occupation - Retired.
Previous jobs - British army (communicator), radio/tv engineer, company rep, track fitter, financial services courier.

Favourite sports - football, hockey, rugby, cricket.

Favourite team - non..Specific - enjoy good games from all.
Best players for me - Charlton, Giggs, Beckham, Lineaker. Best all timer - Geoff hurst.
Hobbies ..Walking football, regimental old boys assn. Canoeing, gardening, my dog, model making/woodwork.
Ambitions - go into space, the moon.

Screen shot 2015-09-03 at 17.46.57

Jan Knott

Age: 65  Married to Sandy
Occupation: Retired
Career:  Tour Operator from 1972-2008.  MD of Goodwood Travel Ltd and specialised in Concorde charter flights 1983-2003.  Concorde Operations Manager at Brooklands Museum, Weybridge 2009-2015.  Now Concorde Consultant to the Museum.
Favourite team: Brighton and Hove Albion
Favourite player of all time: Peter Ward
Hobbies: Brighton and Hove Albion, watching most sports, theatre, music from 1930-1965, fishing and, now, walking football!
Ambition: To see Brighton in the Premier League


Tony McMullen

age: 57
Occupation: Retail Worker in my 6th Chapter at M&S

Favourite Team: Frostoms Veterans FC

Favourite Player: Derek Stephenson of Frostoms Veterans FC at 73 years young and still playing 11 a side he keeps dragging us along playing.

Hobbies: Football, Just bought a new road cycle to try to keep fit, organising football tours to Europe for Frostoms Veterans

Ambition: To keep playing football as long as possible.


Peter Morris

Age: Over 60

Occupation: Retired small businessman

Favourite football team – I like watching Barcelona – unfortunately I support the Wolves.

Hobbies: Argentine Tango (see why below), Americana music, Motorbikes


Lee Ackroyd

Age: Over 60: Partner Helen

Occupation: Sales & Marketing

Other Jobs: Qualified PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, Former Professional DJ

Favourite team: Liverpool FC

Hobbies: Smooth Jive/ Travel / Photography


Dave Eliot

Age: 63,
Married with 3 daughters

Occupation: Semi retired working for NHS
Former Paper Maker, led astray by James Lennox, tried to disown him for the last 40 years

Favourite team: Manchester United, favourite player Eric Cantona

Football nickname is Spider as I crawl all over everyone

Like traveling and eating out, going to the theatre,
played league Badminton, football, table tennis, basketball


Graham Mills

Age - 51 (the baby of the squad)

Occupation - spy for Herne Bay walking football club and Suzuki cars sales manager/specialist

Other jobs - Highway Environmental Hygienist (Road sweeper)
Transparency Enhancement Facilitator (Window cleaner)
Media Distribution Officer (Paper boy)

Favourite team - Aberdeen ladies

Hobbies - Diving in the penalty area. Diving outside the penalty area. Rum

Ambition - to survive 3 nights in Portugal with Roger as his room-mate.