Peoples Cup – 26/2/2017

Off we went up the M2 to Gillingham on the first leg towards a Wembly final. It never quite worked out as planned.
We took 2 teams. The Friday night lads and the Monday lads.

Don’t really know what to say about the day…

Our Friday squad was big Steve, Jan, Pete, Rog, Lance, John and Dave. On paper this looked quite a good side, but then we were not playing on paper, we were on a pitch.

To sum it up, we lost 3 and won 1. Now this might sound as though we didn’t play very well, but in fact, we didn’t play very well. In all our 4 matches, all of us were guilty of giving a silly goal away… except maybe for Roger of course, who gave 2 away.

We must not be too hard on ourselves. We were up against the best of the teams on show, including the all British champions. Our match against Tonbridge Town was more even, and we actually took control of that one with goals by Lance, Roger and a cracking goal from Steve, but we really didn’t get a look in in the other games.

We suffered an injury In our final match against Herne Bay, Dave took a thunderous shot in the chest and had to come off. I’m amazed it never flattened him. Big strong lad our Dave.

I don’t have the details of how our Monday lads got on, but I’m sure they did themselves proud and James will do us a report.

So here’s the results
Medway Marauders 0 – 2
Bexley Boys               0 – 3
Tonbridge Town        3 – 1
Herne Bay Hawks      0 – 3

All in all we mustn’t get too depressed about this. To put our performance into perspective, our friends from BayCity Strollers were in the other group and they also lost 3 and won 1, and we know what a bunch of good players they are. Also, the pitches were tiny and we’ve always played our better football on larger pitches.

Onward and upwards.

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  1. Alan Austin

    Hi Roger

    Bay City didnt do to bad we finished 3rd in our group just missing out of getting in to the semi finals by 1 point

    We lost 2 and won 3
    Bay City 0 Eastbourne 2
    Bay City 1 Herne Bay 2 there winner shouldnt have been given as he run on to the ball
    Bay City 3 Malling Golfers1
    Bay City 2 Canterbury TTNC 0
    Bay City 1 Tonbridge A 0

    The ref we had was useless didnt blow once for running, at the start he said that the head height would be 6ft but then gave a free kick for a ball that went about 3ft in the air

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