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Page updated 12 October 2020

Monday Football Temporarily Suspended from 11-September-2020

Awaiting guidance following the latest government announcement on COVID-19

Monday Football Restarting 18-August-2020

We sent out an invitation to all of our players, in particular those who played mainly on a Monday or Thursday night. Meet up with a few of us on the playing field opposite Sainbury in Canterbury and let's kick a ball about again. The concern was that me, Ian, Richard and John would be the only ones there. Well, we shouldn't have worried. In the end 13 turned up to play plus Bob and Dee as the socially distanced crowd. It was great to meet again people we hadn't seen for over four months.

Let's do it all over again this Monday 24th. See you there at 6 o'clock for Ian's stretches and warm up. Park in Sainsbury carpark, not the venue, you have two hours leeway.



Friday Night Training - First Trial Session 19-June-2020

In recent weeks, the committee has been looking at ways that we can reintroduce walking football. Clearly any form of match playing on a Monday or Friday night is sometime off yet and competitive matches even further away. Plus, our venues are still closed. However, taking into consideration Government and FA guidelines and working with Canterbury City FC, we have been starting to introduce some training on Friday nights.

The generous offer of the Canterbury RFC training ground and the purchase of two goals by Dave Thompson meant that we could put out the invitation to a wide number of members, but we were still not sure how it would work. We gave the first option to the Friday night players as our first session would be on a Friday. We had no real idea about the appetite for coming back to a training session, but in the end 18 members of the club turned up desperate to kick a ball again.

Rules state that we must not be in groups of over 6. Well even our maths can divide 18 by six, so we formed three groups doing dribbling, shooting, and passing practice. Dave T rather ungallantly blaming my bulk for his inability to score. Lance worked hard to organise the groups, but with this level of numbers and possibly more next week, we need some pre-organised training sessions and Lance will need help. Tony stepped up to the plate, setting up the dribbling session that looked to me like “Cone Hell”.  I was right it was knackering, but fun. Dave R will help with organising sessions as well for next week.

In total the session lasted 1.5 hours and was, quite simply, brilliant. The aches on Saturday have been well worth it.

We will expand the invitation to the Monday players next week as the area had plenty of room and parking to accommodate as many of us as will turn up. I must reiterate at this point that our continued use of the facilities is dependent on us ALL following social distancing and FA rules. This does involve us washing our balls frequently, always an amusing intermission. The intention is to use the Uni facilities as soon as we can, to get us used to playing on an artificial 3GX surface, but in the meantime our thanks go to Dave Thompson and the Chairman of CRFC Giles Hilton for their generosity.

Simon Ludden


Friday Night Football at Aylesham

24 September 2020

Friday Night Football is now playing at

Aylesham Welfare Leisure Centre

Spinney Ln,




From Spinney Lane take Dorman Avenue South and then turn almost immediately left into Snowdown Close.  Continue along here until you are in the Leisure Centre car park.  If this is full there is more parking if you continue past the building and bear left.  The pitches are on the right.

Please observe the usual Covid-10 measures –

Arrive ready to play

The changing rooms, showers and lockers are closed, so please arrive ready to play and go straight to the pitch. Please bring a bag and keep your own drink and sanitizer in it.

Maintain social distance

The Centre has implemented social distancing within their facilities and, as per FA guidelines they insist that you maintain a two-metre distance from other users and staff when not actually playing a game. This includes on the pitch before and after a game and during breaks in the game.

Sanitizing and First Aid

Please bring your own hand sanitizer with you and use it regularly before during and after the session. We will sanitize the balls similarly and wash them after the game. Goalkeepers gloves are also to be sanitized frequently. (In case of emergency, we will have a Covid PPE kit in our team bag, alongside a first aid kit. There are trained first aid staff in the Centre, and a defibrillator.)


There are toilets on both floors of the Centre.

Sports Bar

The Sports Bar on the first floor will be open, but you must observe distancing and wear a mask in all areas of the Centre unless you are actually sitting at a table.  Please do not approach the bar – staff will come to the table to take your order.

Feeling unwell?

Please DO NOT attend if you are showing any symptoms of Covid-19 including temperature, cough, difficulty breathing, or loss of taste or smell (anosmia).

We look forward to seeing you