Mayor of Bournemouth Tournament

The alarm went off at 6.45am just as I was about to score another goal.
It was off to Bournemouth to play in a Charity match. A few of us had gone down the night before to prepare for our arrival. It was a 3 hour drive and we sung songs and shared some wonderful jokes as we merrily trundled up the M25 at 10 mph with high hopes.

Our warriors for the day were Steve, John, Dave, Tony, Pete, Roger, Jan and Lance.

We arrived at this marvelous sports complex and found there were 15 teams divided into 3 groups. Then we noticed the pitches were twice the size of a normal sized pitch, with no semi circles at the goalmouths. We thought, well, fair enough, we often play better on larger pitches and Jans big and brave enough to fend of marauding attackers.

Then the rules were read out… 3 touch… This might have been fine if the pitches were small, but it was ridiculous on such large pitches. Besides that, we’ve never played 3 touch.

I watched the first game from the sideline and could not believe how bad the opposition was… but both our maths and short term memory didn’t seem up to scratch, and we spent most of our time trying to remember how many touches we had made, followed by some dreadful passing.

and then there was the ref… I have never seen such an awful referee. The ball would fly up in the air off someone and everyone stopped playing and looked at the ref. After 10 seconds, he’d then go ‘oh yes, high ball’ and blow his little pathetic whistle.
Even when goals were scored we all stood about wondering if they had been given. If he gave a kick-in to the blue team and you said ‘ I think it’s a red ball’ he’d go ‘oh, ok, red ball’ . Sometimes he’d blow his whistle and no-one knew what for. We just had to guess.
Anyway, the first game was CWFC 0 – 0 Borrnemouth (B)

Next was Cove (B)
It was like a replay of our first game. The difference being we gave away a goal. By now though, we had learned how to count up to 3, we just hadn’t leaned how to pass the ball. It wasn’t that we weren’t trying, it was strange having to stand there after 2 touches knowing you had to get rid of the ball and rushed into making a pass.
Cove (B) 1 – 0 CWFC

Our next match was against Dexter Sports and they looked quite a reasonable side. We held our own and I don’t think they had a shot on goal, but we just couldn’t get near enough to their goal to take a shot.
Dexter Sports 0 – 0 CWFC

We worked out that if we won our last game, we might get through with 4 points.
All started well and we played better for a while. Tony (who ended up our leading goalscorer in the tournament with 1 goal) collected the ball and neatly slotted it passed the keeper.The feeling of being in front felt wonderful. However it only lasted 10 seconds. We then gave 2 goals away.
CWFC 1 – 2 Mayors Select

and that was it… it was one of those days when all of us were under par. We can blame the 3 kick rule, or the awful reffing, or the size of the pitch, but the fact is we couldn’t put a string of passes together.

Now you might think that we came away disappointed, and you’d be right, but we must use this as a learning curve. We know we could have done better. We didn’t have a bad squad.
There was talk about us not entering festivals any more but that mustn’t be the case.
Summing it up, we played 4 games and only let 3 goals in. That can’t be bad… we just need to work on scoring a few more.

We’ll do better next time.



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