5/9/2015 – Marathon session ends in 14 goal thriller.

The extended session saw a flurry of goals from both sides. It was a rather strange affair with players trying to pace themselves for an extra 15 minutes playing time, ons and offs disrupting the natural flow of the game and some rather bizarre refereeing practices leaving the players scratching their heads (though the schoolteachers amongst us were back at work this week!)


5 well taken goals from Jonathan (The Ice Man) Butcher, a hat trick from Peter (The Wolf) Morris and 2 from John (The General) Ballantyne left striker Phillips wondering if he would get into the team for the league games – he’s up at his training camp at a secret location as you read this.


The strangest goal of the night came from Roger (The Avenger) Betts who sprinted fully 30 yards with the ball at his feet and blasted the ball past a helpless and astonished keeper.



The Oranges immediately looked at referee Graham (Mr Cool) Hall, who had his back turned to the play, whilst being distracted on the other side of the fence by our treasurer Barry (The Banker) Wilcox, who was apparently ‘having a word’ regarding Hall’s match fees. Barry has been overwhelmed by the club’s liaison with Barclays Bank and the new sponsorship deal with Tarvos Wealth!image001


Unbelievable Jeff.


Further goals from Simon (The Professor) Ludden, Tony (Mack the Knife) McMullen and John (The Joker) Duncan – yes, he’s taken my name – left the final score 9 – 5 to the shirts.

The lads sought solace in a local hostelry to discuss the proceedings and talk tactics for the upcoming battles – Paratus, Mr Lennox, Paratus !!


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