Maidstone tournament 20/11/2016

So off to Maidstone we went.

There’s was a lot of rain yesterday and the match was delayed for 10 minutes while it dried out.

a little waterlogged

Jan our goalkeeper had to pull out because of injury and that left John, Dave, Roger, Steve, Lance, Simon and Graham.

We put on our new kit (thanks to Simon and our sponsor Tarvos) and looked rather nice. It was very cold and drizzly, so we warmed up with one of our stringent and intense warm up routines, which meant kicking the ball about a bit.

We had no idea who we were about to play, and after a chat on the pitch, in which Roger wasn’t involved, it was decided that Roger should play for another side. After a little sulk, Roger agreed, but then the other side took one look at him and decided ‘no thanks’.

The teams on display were us, Maidstone, Greys (from somewhere up north) and Kings Hill.

Our first match was with Kings Hill. They’re a great bunch of lads and we always enjoy playing them.
We all thought it was going to be close, but Canterbury played some great football and it wasn’t long before the first of 5 goals went in. Lance was in goal and made some fantastic saves, Steve and Dave at the back, Simon and John midfield and Graham up front being man of the match with 3 unstoppable goals. Steve scored a cracker, and Dave ventured into the unknown scoring a fine goal making it 5 – 0. Oh yes, Roger was sub.

In our second game against Greys, John replaced Lance in goal and Roger came on in place of Simon.
Canterbury were looking good, and although we only scored 2 goals, I don’t think Greys had a shot on target. We defended like lions and completely controlled the game. It was Graham again with 2 thunderbolts. We had chances a plenty, and came off feeling rather chuffed with ourselves.

So that left Maidstone. Like us, they had played 2 and won 2. They looked a good side with a couple of tasty players… but we were ready.

trophyJohn in goal again, Simon replacing Dave, Graham up front, Steve and Roger at the back (although Steve did go on a wander now and then) and Lance in the middle.

This was to decide the tournament winners. We played 15 minutes each way with the first half ending 0 – 0. It was a cracking game, with Canterbury coming close several times. We gave nothing away at the back and John in goal was troubled only once. Roger and Steve were solid at the back and making important tackles. It’s been said many times that Steve is one of the best defenders around, and after todays display, I’m inclined to agree with him. Simon, who played the first half, was excellent with his covering and tackling, Lance gave nothing away in midfield working so well with Graham. Dave came on for the second half and although Dave doesn’t move about much, he doesn’t need to… his control, positioning and passing is a joy to behold.

and then there was Graham… man of the match by miles with his 3 goals in the second half giving Canterbury a 3 – 0 win that won the tournament. We were presented with a glass trophy, which means we now have to buy a trophy cabinet.

The games were all played in very friendly and enjoyable manner. There was one slight flair up between a couple of players (not us). Steve was reffing for that match and completely lost control of the game.
It was a brilliant day out and we did ourselves proud. Well done lads and a big thank you to Maidstone for organizing the event.

Must do it again very soon.


You can see why we strike fear into anyone foolish enough to take us on…

John’s not sucking a lolly or performing kareoke… that’s our trophy.

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  1. Lance

    Glad your back writing the reviews roger,
    As good as always , very thorough and true.
    Well done lads, everyone played brilliantly

  2. John B

    What a great bunch of lads. Roger, your report is worthy of the Nobel Prize for Literature. Oh and I was singing…….”WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS”

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