General Data protection Regulation



The EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679, or GDPR as it is commonly known, is a new set of rules, which comes into effect on the 25th May 2018 and has been introduced to protect individuals and the information businesses and websites hold about you (personal data).

Personal data relates to any living individual who can be identified from that data either directly or indirectly and includes amongst others names, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers.

The purpose of the Regulation, in part, is to ensure that personal information is only used with the consent of the person to whom it relates and solely for purposes to which they agree.

As part of our Newsletter, on behalf of Canternury Walking Football Club, we record personal data in the form of contact details given to us on subscribing to the Newsletter.

Canterbury Walking Football Club hold this information solely for the purpose of running the Newsletter and it will be treated as strictly confidential. Your details will never be given to any third party. Furthermore, we will only retain your details for as long as there remains an agreement to do so.

We will ensure that personal data is kept up to date, is limited to only that which is essential for the purpose of the Newsletter and by storing and destroying it securely.