3/10/2015 – Friday Session at the Ames Levett, Canterbury

Diamonds: Simon Ludden, Jonathan Butcher, Dave Elliot, Roger Betts, Steve Rich (guest), Ross Winters (guest)

Clubs: Trevor Pearce, Tony McMullen, Tony Newington, Trevor Phillips, John Ballantyne, Lance Fishlock.

Manager: Lee Ackroyd

Chairman: James Lennox

Phillips had no chance to warm up before the game as he spent 20 minutes looking for his whistle which had somehow mysteriously disappeared from his holdall. After the search ended in failure and dejection, Steve Rich pipes up with, “I’ve got your whistle, it’s in my house.” Stand-in referee and assistant coach Lee (The Terminator) Ackroyd was mute for once..until…. 2 minutes in, one of the Club’s players got mullered – all players screaming at the referee “Got to be a foul!” The Terminator….”Play to the whistle!!” Classic.

It was soon clear that Steve (Mr Silk) Rich would try to dazzle us once again with his skills – those feet – you never know where they’re going next.

He also proved to be a decent keeper, though Phillips got one past him to equalize his early goal. The play was slick and intelligent, with players giving few opportunities to their opponents. The team is improving week-on-week and the extra time is improving our fitness (I think!!) We’re playing Sandwich away on Monday and the 2 day rest is challenging (I usually need a week of Voltorol and Ibuprofen) but Roger (The Avenger) Betts claims he could play every day. I believe him. He’s as fit as a butcher’s dog and almost as good looking (only joking Rog – you’re lovely!)

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A hard fought contest with some players carrying knocks from Folkestone Tuesday and previous encounters eventually finished 3 – 3.

Man of the match John Ballantyne – tenacious in the tackle, played the simple ball in possession – never put a foot wrong – quality.

Nice one lads – thanks for the game. Monday …………………….the big one.

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