28/8/2015 – Friday Session canterburyt

12 members turned out this evening + 1 guest player (Steve Rich) + new recruit (Jan Knott) = 14

Executive decision – keep side to 6 max + rolling sub & referee – this worked out well with members getting refereeing experience and a break when and if needed. With the move to 90 mins on 4th Sept this could be the way forward.

Executive Decision Front

Teams were selected at random, there are no ‘good players’ or ‘not so good players’ at Canterbury Walking Football Club, there are only ‘footballers’. I’ve seen members who I thought were ‘Cristiano Ronaldo in disguise’ one week have a stinker the next, and also ones who I’ve thought, “He couldn’t trap a bag of cement and has the first touch of a rapist,” play a blinder in the next game. Everyone’s skills and fitness levels are improving, but can change from week to week at this age for a variety of reasons.what-arthritis-brings-along-1

Shirts and Oranges teams were a bit fluid with the roll on roll off system, and only once were we in danger of 7 v 5, when Roger (The Avenger) Betts seemed to be playing for both teams AT THE SAME TIME, however, he made up for the minor discrepancy in numeracy skills, with 2 well taken goals with that cracking left foot of his. Both from similar positions on the left side of the D, leaving stand-in keeper Trevor (The Maestro) Pearce grasping at shadows. I’ve noticed from recent weeks, when ace keeper Graham (Mr Cool) Hall comes outfield for a game in the second half, the goals start to go in – funny that – trouble is, he’s a bloody good outfield player too and reminds me of Glen Hoddle in his heyday. I remember watching a Wolves game when Hoddle was manager, he was standing on the touchline – the Wolves had been ‘workmanlike’ in their performance, having trouble getting the ball down in the swirling wind and driving rain. The ball was hoofed so high and over the touchline that it came down with snow on it. Hoddle trapped it in one and flicked it up to the astonished right back for a quick throw-in (in his dress shoes, I might add!). He got the loudest cheer of the afternoon.


Back to our game! Steve (Mr Silk) Rich continued to show his class throughout with his excellent control and deceptive touch, he played a delightful through ball to Phillips, who powered it home from 3 yards outside the D, just to prove that he can kick the ball properly and the ‘toe-punt’ is a chosen technique depending on the situation. Another shot from Phillips saw the ball rebound off the bar to the edge of the D where Simon (The Professor) Ludden fired in a thunderbolt that almost broke the sound barrier. Phillips scored the 5th goal of the session when he saw a gap in the bottom left hand corner (toe-punt!) and slotted the ball home, the game finishing 3 – 2 to Shirts.

New recruit Jan (Iron Curtain) Knott had a cracking game in goal on his debut. Lee (The Terminator) Ackroyd refereed the last 15 minutes – proving to be a class ‘Walking Football Ref’ …………….unsurprisingly……………… there was no dissent!

Lee Ackroyd

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