Folkestone V CWFC friendly 1/2/16

Since our last match with Folkestone we’ve been itching to play them again to show we’re not as dreadful as the 10 – 0 thrashing they gave us made it look. So off to Folkestone we went, with ten eager and fit players… well… eager.


Stand in big boss Steve selected two 5 aside teams.
Team A  – Jan, Ross, Lance, Tony and JohnB.


Team B – Big Steve, Rog, Jonathan, Dave E and Dave R. Rog and Dave E both wanted to go in goal as both were carrying horrendously painful injuries and getting little sympathy. It was decided Dave would start in goal for the B team.


We all had to pay a fee towards the slap up buffet we were looking forward to after the match.

Each match lasted 6 minutes and I can’t remember any of the scores, but I do know we did ourselves proud. We were as good as Folkestone in every department except dribbling. Steve Rich of Folkestone showed off his silky skills (to not much avail I must add)… but he certainly has some clever feet… We just stood off him and then clobbered him when we’d seen enough.


None of us had eaten that day due to the fact we thought we were in for a tasty buffet and a beer, but alas, it was not to be. The bar was closed and someone else had eaten the food.


All in all it was an extremely enjoyable evening played in a warm and friendly manner. Well done everyone. We did well. Thank you Folkestone, and hopefully we can do this again soon.


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  1. steve rich

    With two teams of 5 visiting from Canterbury, they through a spanner into our works by insisting that the game was to be 5-a-side. We don’t play the man short game and were on the back foot early doors. Canterbury – all in yellow – had bibs provided for them at no extra cost – which didn’t stop Rog alarmingly squaring the ball to opposing players not once but twice – the 2nd string scoring from such glorious assistance. Highlight of the night.
    To be fair – we were pretty dreadful. Loose passing, dull movement, poor picking up of wandering Canterbury shirts. In our first match we were lucky to get the zero. Canterbury passed and moved well and have come on a long way since the 10-0 drubbing (well the 14 miles from St Lawrence anyway.) The friendly didn’t stop Rog from clattering into me from behind, which is better than the sight of him bearing down from in front. With the refs silent pea in the whistle not working, Rog tried his utmost to halt his ‘speedy’ version of walking. It’s like looking at a new born foal staggering around for firm footing. He just cannot walk – the poor sod.
    The tall feller at the back went on a few of his trademark walks, dribbling around three defenders before the ref had time to put whistle to mouth and blow him for jogging around the first player! You can’t do a Maradona v England at walking pace!
    The game was played in good spirits – more there than in the non existant bar for afters. We too were perplexed. Not sure where the sarnies ended up. We had posh crisps and the crusts of the sarnies were cut off for our posh visitors.
    The only downer on the night was the tactics of standing in front of me, not sticking feet anywhere invading my ball juggling. This one attribute leaves me bewildered as I have a hard time working out what the bloody hell I’m doing with the ball, let alone why the guy in front of me is doing nothing. They are either waiting for me to screw up, tired, waiting for me to tire, or allowing the late arrivals at ringside to take their seats.
    I hung around the showers after the game just to make sure I didn’t miss anybody – but that’s another story.
    On behalf of FWWFC, I can apologise for the lack of hospitality food and beverage facilities after the fun games, but I’m not. x

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