Match day reports – 2017

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25 Feb 2017 - 14:00Gillingham


Off we went up the M2 to Gillingham on the first leg towards a Wembley final. It never quite worked out as planned.

We took 2 teams. The Friday night lads and the Monday lads.

Don’t really know what to say about the day…

Friday Nighter’s – Canterbury City Walking Football Club

Our Friday squad was big Steve, Jan, Pete, Rog, Lance, John and Dave. On paper this looked quite a good side, but then we were not playing on paper, we were on a pitch.

To sum it up, we lost 3 and won 1. Now this might sound as though we didn’t play very well, but in fact, we didn’t play very well.

In all our 4 matches, all of us were guilty of giving a silly goal away… except maybe for Roger of course, who gave 2 away.

We must not be too hard on ourselves. We were up against the best of the teams on show, including the all-British champions. Our match against Tonbridge Town was more even, and we actually took control of that one with goals by Lance, Roger and a cracking goal from Steve, but we really didn’t get a look in in the other games.

We suffered an injury in our final match against Herne Bay; Dave took a thunderous shot in the chest and had to come off. I’m amazed it never flattened him. Big strong lad our Dave.

So here are the results

CWFC    0    v    Medway Marauders    2
CWFC    0    v    Bexley Boys    3
CWFC    3    v    Tonbridge B    1
CWFC    0    v    Herne Bay Hawks    3

Played    4
Won    1
Drew    0
Lost    3

Points    3

Goals for    3
Goals against    9
All in all we mustn’t get too depressed about this. To put our performance into perspective, our friends from Bay City Strollers also lost 3 and won 1, and we know what a bunch of good players they are. Also, the pitches were tiny and we’ve always played our better football on larger pitches.

Friday nighters looking ready to uphold the honour of the club.


The Monday night team, not used to the speed, the small pitch and the fact you could shoot for goal straight from the kick-off meant we took 3 of our 5 games to get used to playing as a team against other more experienced outfits.

Kitted out in our new strip our squad included Lee, Denis, Paul H, Paul C, Barry, Richard, James and Bill.

We played 5 games, of which 3 were away games and scored 1 less goal than the Friday nighter’s with the following results:

Malling Golfers    3    v    TTNC    0
TTNC    1    v    Tonbridge A    3
TTNC    0    v    Herne Bay Herons    5
Bay City Strollers    2    v    TTNC    0
Eastbourne    3    v    TTNC    1

Played    5
Won    0
Drew    0
Lost    5

Points    0

Goals for    2         Bill, James
Goals against    16

Oh this Band of Brothers!

The number of games and speed at which they were played was made harder as Lee, Paul C. and Denis went off injured in game 3!

As a first outing we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and can only improve at future tournaments. The teams we played against were all very sociable and no rough stuff was encountered although some of wished we could walk as fast as some of the other teams.

Bill deciding we stood more chance at Netball

Onward and upwards

CWFC entertain Bay City Strollers for first Walking Football friendly at Aylesham

It’s always a joy playing the Bay City lads and this was no exception.

It was our turn to host the match and we used Aylesham as the venue. Not that we’re ashamed of our little cage at Canterbury, we just thought it would be nice to play on a 3G pitch as it doesn’t hurt so much when you fall over. Also they have a bar.

Both Bay City and us had enough for 2 teams each. John had selected the teams as he is our team manager now, and after a bit of grumbling of who should be in the A team we marched on to the pitch dressed in our new kit ready for the photo session… trouble was, nobody had a camera so that was put on hold.

Our stars were –

A team – Big Steve, Graham, John, Lance, Tony and Jan
B team – Roger, Jonathan, Dave, Peter, Mark and Jan (Jan played in goal for both sides)

CWFC A – 0 v Bay City A – 2

To be honest and a little biased, we played the better football with Lance and Graham aiming thunderbolts at the posts and doing very well by hitting them at least 10 times. Just when we thought we might get a shot in the gap between the posts, Bay City sneaked the winner. Canterbury A were booed off the pitch by Canterbury B as they prepared for their match against Bay City B.

CWFC B – 0 v Bay City B – 3  

I must say that this match was a little disappointing. It took a while before we realized the ball didn’t bounce back from the sideline due to the fact there was no fence. Also I think we were bogged down by the long artificial grass. Anyway, the result was that we were pretty dreadful and came off the pitch in tears. A special plan would be required for our next match.
CWFC A – 2 v Bay City B – 0

By now we were getting used to the pitch and the fact we had corners and kick-ins to defend. Our A lads were in total control of this game and although the posts were still taking a beating from Lance and Graham, this was a much better performance watched in envy by our B team. Steve at the back was quite good; Dave and Tony were excellent and gave nothing away with Graham and Lance outstanding, working so well together through the midfield and upfront. Lance’s last goal was a joy to behold, and even brought applause from Bay City (I think one of our B team also mumbled that it was quite good). Jan didn’t have to do much but when called upon was his usual reliable self. Well done the A lads.

CWFC B – 2 v Bay City A – 0

Ok, it was no more mister nice guys from our B lads. We had a plan. Mark went further up field and played some neat football. Dave was at the back on his own and even made a few tackles, Peter and Roger played just in front of Dave and tightened things up in midfield with Jonathan making excellent runs up front scoring the first goal to put us 1- 0 up. This was a shock not just to Bay City, but to us as well.

Graham came on for the last 5 minutes in place of Mark who had played excellently. Roger then slotted in a cheeky goal through the goalkeepers legs to put us 2 – 0 up.

Jan made a couple of good saves near the end to round up a great performance from the B lads.

It was then up to the bar for some grub and drinks and banter.
I must just say the facilities at Aylesham are excellent.

As always, a huge thank you to Bay City for being such a great bunch of lads and a joy to play against. All in all it was a pretty even contest.

Also, thank you Jan for organizing this. We must do more…