Friendly Round Robin v Folkestone

CWF (A) 1 - 4 Folkestone
30 Jun 2015 - 19:00Canterbury High School Sports Hall

There were 2 major surprises in store for the CWF squad on arrival at the venue. The 1st being that the desk hadn’t taken cash in over a year, which left our treasurer Barry (The Banker), almost in tears, as he had come fully prepared with the £38 in £1 coins in a bag. “No worries!” says TP, “We’ve got 10 players here – somebody will have a card!” A quick survey of our players, who by this time were warming up, revealed the true nature of our dilemma. Ten over 50’s middle class professionals – not a credit card between them. “It’s UNBELIEVABLE JEFF!” Luckily, the 30 year old referee, who had been called in at the last minute, having arrived from Ho Chi Minh City the previous day (I’m not making this up!) paid for the pitch.

Kick-off and surprise number 2: Folkestone started like a whirlwind. Their intricate passing game and speed over the ground left the CWF players bewildered. By the time CWF had got to the pace of the game, Folkestone were 3 up, clearly the most experienced of the 2 sides on this type of surface. (This was no more evident than during game 2, when it was discovered during a particularly promising Canterbury attack, that the Folkestone player/coach was wearing a special pair of squeaky trainers that sounded identical to the referee’s whistle and was able to stop the game at will. An ingenious, if somewhat unscrupulous tactic.) CWF rallied in the 2nd half of the game and held their own for the last 5 minutes, even starting a come back by scoring a late goal. However, time was up and Folkestone ran out 4-1 winners.