Bay City (A) v CWF

Bay City (A) 2 - 0 CWF
03 Aug 2015 - 19:30Bay Point, Sandwich

CWF struggled to cope with the 7-a-side format and the size of the pitch (we’re not used to walking this far!) Phillips gave some cracking advice before kick-off, “We’ll get a quick goal, then park the bus for a one nil.” Suffice to say, Bay City scored after 30 seconds!

CWF had chances, and Phillips should have scored to equalize a couple of times but got over excited and blasted the ball (which had been deliberately under-inflated by the home side for exactly this scenario) wide of the goal.

Then – disaster – a free kick for high ball on the edge of the Canterbury D saw the home side sneak in a goal. Quickly taken – deja vu – exactly the same as the previous game at this venue. Ace keeper Graham Hall had it covered, but a lucky deflection saw the ball trickle into the net, whilst a dejected defense looked on in horror. Anyway, they say that only 2 groups of people DON’T make the same mistake twice – parachutists and virgins. Phillips’ fault – lack of coaching and failure to act quickly enough in the situation

Never again, Mr Tribali he say, “You breaka 1 plate?, s’allrigtht,….. you breaka 2 plate?……..s’allright………you breaka 3 plate ………………….. AND I BREAKA YOUR BLOODY NECK!”


happy Italian chef showing excellent sign

Mr Tribali – “You breaka 1 plate, s’allright………..”