Canterbury Margate Tournament 13/5/18

CWFC v Margate Tournament 8 - 7 Tournament
13 May 2018 - 11:00Margate

Dave Bambridge Memorial Cup. Sunday 13th May at Margate.

This was a charity tournament organised by Alan Austin in memory of Dave Bambridge who sadly passed away recently.

Our squad consisted of Dave, Dave, Dave, Roger, Jan, Lance, Steve, Graham and Cedric.

We all turned up around 11am and eventually managed to find each other. It wasn’t easy as most teams seemed to be wearing the same colour kit as us.
The pitches looked a bit like fighting cages. They even had nets over the top, which at least would prevent some of our shots heading off into oblivion.

John wasn’t with us and Graham was manager for the day. We were all a little concerned that no Scottish manager had ever reached the second round of anything before, but after a little group hug that seemed to go on longer than it should have, we all put our total trust in his leadership skills.

There were 6 teams in our group including us, which would give us 5 games. The winners of the group would progress to the semi’s (I think)
Graham had a folder of team sheets that had lots of round circles and what looked like some kind of cunning plan. The first game against ESL had us in a 1 3 1 1 formation. Roger was worried he was a little injured and didn’t want to let the team down, but after some discussion and by popular demand, he was left out.

It all gets a little confusing now and I can’t remember who played in what game or who scored what goals. We allocated the job of keeping notes and scores to one of us, but no-ne can remember who that was. Anyway, the next 5 games went like this. The games were 15 minutes one way.

Canterbury V ESL
The first game we totally controlled and looked really solid. These pitches are small and teams were blasting towards goal from inside their own halves. In a way this suited us as we have 2 of the best blasters around in Lance and Graham. Not that we needed to play that way. We passed the ball really well and deserved our 3 -1 victory. Lance Graham and Dave were our goalscorer.

Canterbury v Bexley Boys
It was decided to keep the same formation for this game, albeit a slight change in personnel. Although some of us thought we should keep the same team, Graham, to his credit, wanted everyone to have equal playing time. Even Roger, although not this game.
Not much seemed to go right. They were a good side but we gave away 2 silly goals and never recovered. We had the best of the possession, and lots of shots in the direction of the goal, but lost 0 – 2.
 We came off and of course blamed Graham.

Canterbury v Tonbridge.
I don’t know how we did not win this game. Tonbridge really were a poor side and we thought we were going to win handsomely (well, average goodlookingly) That didn’t happen. We had the game completely in our grasp but could’t finish it off. 2 – 2 was the final score.

Canterbury v Feltham.

We had just watched this team win 4 – 0 and they they looked a good side… We all thought we were in for a toughie here, but we were wrong. We were outstanding. We played our best football in this match and was in total control.
The main memory I have of this match was Jan rolling the ball out to Steve and while everyone was calling ‘Steve Steve’ he completely ignored them and weaved the whole length of the picth, refused to pass the ball, reached the openents goal line and gently sliding the ball passed the keeper and into the net. So selfish… but so brilliant.
They were a bit physical, but we have our own players that when called upon can withstand that sort of behaviour. 
We won 3 – 0 and came off the pitch chuffed with ourselves.
This now put us in with a chance to win the group and go through to the semi’s. All we had to do was win the last match.

Canterbury v Grangetown.
This was it, after yet another group hug, we all knew we could do this.
As it happened, this was the most frustrating match ever. They went in front and all they did was pass the ball back to their keeper. Time and time again this happened and we just couldn’t get the ball. They were a good passing side but had no interest in attacking after going in front. 
This was a big lesson learned by us. We should have tightened up on their defenders and cut out those back passes. We actually played well when we had the ball, but we hardly ever had the ball.
In the end lost 0 – 2.

So that was it, off home, or so we thought. Then one of the other teams, who were also heading home, offered us a friendly. We had beaten them 3 – 0 earlier, and we all thought this would be a nice way to wind down. I think it was 7 a side, with everyone playing.
We lost that 7 – 0 and blamed this on forgetting to have a group hug before the kick off.

All in all it was an enjoyable day out for a good cause in which we played some nice footie.
Well done Graham for sorting out the teams, and well done the lads.

Looking forward to the next group hug.