CWFC Christmas dinner 2016

Canterbury Walking Football Club held this years Christmas dinner at the Black Robin, Kingston and what a delightful night it was.

John had done a fantastic job organizing the dinner and we even had CWFC place mats. We were all anticipating player awards this year. We had 3 awards and this was the first time awards would be presented – Player of the year, runner up player of the year and club member of the year.

I’m not sure exactly how many of us were present, but it must have been over 30.  john had strategically placed everyone at thier tables. It was a tight fit and Roger had to be placed in the doorway, though he didn’t mind as it was near the toilet.

It was really nice to see Trevor there, even though he slept through most of it. We’ve really missed him at the club and hopefully he’ll be returning this summer.

We are so lucky that we have such a great bunch of lads at this club. It has to be the friendliest club around and the evening just shot by with us all nattering. Most of our wives and partners were there as well..

After lunch it was presentation time. I can’t believe that nobody thought about bringing a camera… James gave his phone to Roger and asked him to take some snapshots. After noting Jame’s bank details, Roger figured out what buttons to press.

Then it was down to business. Firstly the runner up player of the year was announced. It was no surprise when James said there had been a draw. Both Lance and Graham had equal votes and the mighty duo collected their trophies. These two work so well together with both of them having a thunderbolt of a shot and thoroughly deserved the awards, even though Lance causes mass punch ups and Graham throws himself on the floor when you get within 2 feet of him.

Next was Club member of the year and there was always only one candidate, and that was John. He’s just a lovely bloke. Always smiling and does so much for the club putting his heart and soul into everything. Congratulations John from us all.

Then it came to player of the year… The winner of this was a total surprise and we wondered who had counted the votes.
Joking apart, again, there was really only one player this could go to, and of course it was big Steve. Some of us did demand a recount but Steve said no.
Steve is mister dependable and to watch him weave his way up the pitch and through the opposition is a delight to behold. Next year we’re hoping he’ll have the ball with him sometimes.
He thoroughly deserves this trophy and we all love him.

Unbeknown to us all, an extra trophy was to be awarded. Jame’s started going on about Ronaldo skills and tricks, and asked who did we think it was for.. Everyone looked totally bewildered and had no idea, he then added that this person sometimes tried this just before he’s about to cripple someone. We then all knew who he meant and Roger gratefully and humbly accepted this prestigious award.

and that was it. Below are a few photos of the trophy winners (except for Roger as he’s very camera shy and modest)

Is was a lovely evening and again, thanks John for all your hard work.

I’m afraid the photos are rather blurred, but actually, they do look better blurred.


Lance, John and Graham receiving their Trophies



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