Canterbury vote no

At our AGM it was decided by a unanimous vote that we should no longer take part in the 2016/17 Kent Walking Football league.

We had all expected the league to be a way of playing more matches, but we found that playing games for points started taking the enjoyment away.. Some games were not played in what you’d call a “friendly manner”, and after a few unsavory incidents and so much arguing regarding rules, we all started to wonder if the league was for us.

We’re not a bunch of softies, and some of us could play in a more aggressive style if we needed to, but that’s not what we want. Yes, we play to win games, but not at all cost. We want to play against teams we can chat with, have a laugh with and make friends with. That didn’t happen on occasions.

We are arranging friendlies with like minded clubs and entering some of the small round robin tournaments that crop up now and then.

Three teams have pulled out of the league for the same reasons we have. Maybe in the future, if things change, we may consider re-joining.

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