BayCity Friendly 30/12/2016

An Evening with the BayCity lads

(I hope I have the goalscorers correct. It was such a big pitch)


We always enjoy a visit to BayCity. They’re a great bunch of lads and one of them is quite a good player.

It was just about freezing and we all wore lots of clothes under our new kit which made us look rather muscular and must have worried the BayCity lads. A quarter of the pitch was white with frost and BayCity had changed thier usual red shirts for white ones… was this some clever and devious plan to camoflauge themselves?

Tonights warriors were Jan, Rog, Dave, Lance, Ross, Graham, John and late arrival Steve.

It was decided we’d play 8 aside. BayCity had 2 teams… . an A and an A team.

The first match started 7 aside as big Steve thought it was a home match and was rushing over from Canterbury where he’d been waiting patiently for us to arrive.

Our formation was as follows..
Jan in goal, Rog and Dave at the back, John and Lance midfield and Graham and Ross upfront. We lined up in perfect formation for the kick off. Then the whistle went and it all fell apart.
The game was 15 minutes long and it was actually a close and hard fought match. Steve arrived half way through which made no difference at all. We were 2 down to a couple of soft goals and then Lance pulled one back for us. Ross and Graham were moving about well but were tight marked. Graham managed a few thunderbolts and was unlucky not to score. Dave and Steve defended well with John strong in midfield. Roger was finding space on the left but nobody would pass the ball to him.
Final score 1-2

Our second game started like this. From the kick off, the ball was rolled to Graham. In a nano second Graham blasts the ball past all the onlooking BayCity players and straight passed the keeper who was putting his gloves on, and into the net. It could not have been more than 2 seconds…
That set up another close game. They scored… Steve scored for us… they scored… and then they scored.
Another defeat by the odd goal. We were not at our best, and left ourselves open at times at the back. Jan made some fine stops,  Ross took up some deeper positions and made some good calls. Steve was as solid as usual with Dave. John and Lance never gave much away, and Roger kept moaning that nobody would pass the ball to him.
Final score 2-3

BayCity A then played Baycity A.
Don’t know what the score was but we do know there was a lot of running.

There were then 15 minutes left so we offered to play the tiredest team.

I must say that the BayCity lads played some good football with neat and concise passing… and they defend well. We did come close with Graham and Lance a couple of times and I think we upped our game a little, but we still lost by the odd goal. Roger did get the ball passed to him in the end… one of the BayCity lads mis-kicked the ball and it rolled straight to Roger, who then, in his excitement, surprise and search for glory, blasted the ball 30 yards wide.
Final score 0-1

It was then off to the bar for sandies, a beer and a chat.

Well done the Canterbury lads… not the scores we would have liked but it was a very enjoyable evening kickabout with good football played by all sides.

…and thank you BayCity for your brilliant hospitality and friendliness.


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