12/11/2015 – New recruit from Travagliato Stems the Tide

A stunned CWFC found themselves 5 – 0 behind at half time in the latest league fixture against Margate.

It was time for drastic action. The Dealer quickly phoned his mates from “I vecchi tempi.”

Substitution – one Franco Baresi – “Baresi is regarded as one of the greatest defenders of all time. He played his entire twenty year career with Milan, becoming a club legend. He was a complete and consistent defender, who combined power with elegance, and he was gifted with outstanding physical and mental attributes, such as pace, strength, tenacity, concentration and stamina; he combined his defensive attributes, and his ability to read the game, with his excellent vision, technique, and ball distribution skills.” Nuff said……………………………

Baresi won Man of the Match, helping the Canterbury team to win the 2nd half 2 – 1.

The main man:

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